what is “HEIRLOOM”?

In Heirloom, Gina Czarnecki grows skin portraits of her daughters from their own cells onto glass casts.
The growing portraits are bathed(浸される) in a liquid that feeds(供給する) them and prevents infection(感染を防ぐ).
When the cells reach the thickness of tissue paper they are removed, preserved, and displayed as framed portraits.
・reference : HEIRLOOM


The starting point of Heirloom was the idea of having your teenage face back in the future.
・reference : HEIRLOOM

system (how to make?)

  1. Cast (make a 3D templete of your face) // 鋳る
  2. Grow

    (sample your cells and grow over the templete)

  3. Apply

    (preserve the skin or integrate back into your body)   // preserve : 保存する

  4. Bank (archive your appearance along with your cells)   // appearance : 外観
  5. Scan (Back up your face today, for future repetitions)   // repetitions : 反復

future vision : facial reconstruction

The methods developed could offer new possibilities for facial reconstruction and cosmetic modification.
if biobanks stored information about the 3D structure of the face along with youthful skin cells, could everyone have their own facial heirloom?
・reference : HEIRLOOM

point of my view

  • interesting point
    • 今の細胞をベースに育てて、別の形を作るところ。
    • アウトプットの美しさ。細胞培養の、シリコン的な素材。